Services for People at Home




Home visits for individuals to carry out assistive technology assessments.  The process includes discussion, observation, trial of equipment, advice, and a comprehensive report within 5 days of the assessment. I am independent of all AT suppliers

Project management of environmental controls installation and other technology implementation services

One-to-one AT training for individuals, parents and care staff


Depending on circumstances, training will either be in a one-to-one setting with the user, or delivered to the team i.e. parents, carers and support workers


Example of AT products include:

  • Hardware like Environmental Controls, Communication Aids, Switches, Mounts, Head Mice, Eye Gaze Systems, Alternative Keyboards and Pointing Devices, Indoor CCTV Systems for monitoring and recording purposes

  • Software and apps like Dragon NaturallySpeaking / Individual voice recognition software, Text Help, ClaroRead, Clicker 7, Clicker Sentences, Clicker Connect, Clicker Docs, Write Online, Grid 3, GridPlayer, Look to Learn, Scenes and sounds, HelpKidzLearn, Cause and Effect software and apps, Attention and Looking and much more

  • Built in solutions like Windows 10 Ease of Access Centre settings and apps like On Screen Keyboard, iOS Accessibility features and more