Siobhán Long, National Manager, Assistive Technology and SeatTech Services, Enable Ireland

“I have worked with Mike Williams over a period of 10 years, when he was key to the development and delivery of Ireland’s first accredited AT Training Programme. Mike’s high level of professionalism married with his extensive experience and superb communication skills were central to the success of our joint work. His ability to distil his knowledge for the purposes of assessment and training is also exemplary. The breadth and depth of Mike’s AT expertise is extensive, and I would have no hesitation recommending him as an AT Assessor/Advisor.“

Various attendees at training workshops

"Excellent lecturer. Highly knowledgeable and very witty"

"Mike was incredibly helpful, even when we asked difficult questions"

"Mike was excellent. He was an engaging presenter, with a knack of communicating a technical subject in laymen’s terms and explaining how the different tools might suit different type of children. The way that he had set up his technology set up so that he could demonstrate all the software applications/apps was really impressive. A real expert but one who could communicate to the needs of his audience"

Community health worker with dyslexia

"I cannot speak highly enough of him, he advised me of a software package and appropriate microphone. Yesterday, Mr Williams came to my home and patiently taught me not only how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking but lots of other tips to help me use Word on my computer."

Young adult with chronic fatigue syndrome

"Fantastic Assessor very understanding and extremely helpful."

Disabled undergraduate student

"I just want to say that it was a pleasure having Mike as my assessor, made me feel very comfortable and explained everything perfectly. I cannot fault him."